Miss Pat's Cookies
"Just don't get any better than this!"

Miss Pat's Cookies evolved out of years of baking cookies for family and friends. My signature cookie is the Oatmeal Cookie. I think you will agree it is unlike any Oatmeal Cookie you have ever had!
Over the years people have raved over my cookies and for years I've been encouraged to sell my cookies to the public but hesitated until now. The challenges of marketing and business development were mountains that seemed too high to climb. Funny though, what you think you don't have usually turns out to be undiscovered God-given gifts deep on the inside. Along with that I also discovered that all of the additional expertise and support needed was found in my own family. Miss Pat's Cookies is really a family affair.
During the last few years of my father's life, Dad, CMSgt (USAF Ret.) Henry L. Counts Sr., and I would go to the Marina at MacDill AFB and sit on the beach. Sometimes I'd bring him a bag of my Oatmeal Cookies. When I asked him how they tasted he would say, "Just don't get any better than this!"  Our times together on the beach are some of the most treasured memories in my heart. My Dad passed away in the summer of 2009. He served God, his family and his country with unrestrained passion, love and courage. The legacy my Dad left behind was all I needed to give me the courage to start Miss Pat's Cookies. My hope is that as you enjoy Miss Pat's Cookies that you will be able to say like my Dad, "Just don't get any better than this!"